Motorcycle Handbook 2024

Driver's Manual

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Arizona Motorcycle Manual 2024

So you’re looking to get your Arizona Class M motorcycle license? You know that the state’s Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) motorcycle test is difficult, right? You know that riding is an expensive hobby, right? You know that you’re going to have to be prepared for some pretty serious physical and financial risks, right? You still there? Good, let’s begin.

AZ Motorcycle Manual: The Basics

The first thing you’re going to have to do to get your Class M is get a copy of the Arizona MVD Motorcycle Operator Manual. This manual will give you all the essential information for safe riding in Arizona. While riding can be a fun, safe experience, it can also be associated with considerable risks and concerns. For these reasons, the MVD recommends that prospective and current riders follow these basic guidelines:

  • Enroll in the appropriate rider course (either basic or experienced)
  • Check your motorcycle before beginning a trip
  • Avoid using alcohol or other drugs when riding
  • Always wear protective and bright colored clothing, a helmet and eye protection
  • Ride with headlights on

What’s in the Manual?

The AZ Motorcycle Manual contains road knowledge and practical riding information. It’s clear and straightforward, with plenty of helpful illustrations. Throughout the manual, there are specially-labeled “Test Yourself” sections, which help you to assess your learning and retain the new information.

After reading the manual, you should know the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the correct body position when riding?
  • What should a rider do when being passed from behind, or by an oncoming vehicle?
  • When is it best to change gears?
  • How can a motorcyclist safely carry cargo?
  • What should passengers on a motorcycle do during a turn?

Once you’ve gone through the manual, you should be prepared for the Arizona MVD motorcycle knowledge test. All the information you need to know is in the manual, so study it carefully! You are allowed to take the test three times within a twelve-month period. The written knowledge test is available in either English or Spanish.

New and Improved!

The AZ Motorcycle Operator Manual is constantly being improved and updated.

  • Latest motorcycle safety research
  • Comments and guidance offered by the motorcycling, licensing and traffic safety boards
  • Additional information for three-wheel vehicles

The manual offers high-quality rider education in order to help prevent collisions, and enable riders to safely operate a motorcycle. All riders can benefit from the information in the Motorcycle Operator Manual, which is available from Arizona MVD offices, from the MVD website, or you can view it online right here, on this page.