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Free Arizona MVD Permit Practice Test (AZ)

  • Perfect for learner’s permit, driver’s license, and Senior Refresher Test
  • Based on official Arizona 2024 Driver's manual
  • Updated for July 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.

About this test

6 min to complete
Available in EN, ES, RU

Updated for 2024, our Arizona MVD Practice Test is designed to mirror the actual AZ permit exam closely. It’s based on the 2024 AZ Driver’s Manual and includes 40 critical questions on road signs and driving rules. To pass, you need 24 correct answers out of 30. Prepare for the official MVD knowledge test for your learner’s or driver’s license with confidence. Bring the required fees to your appointment; after payment, you’ll get three chances within a year. Aim for success on the first try with our practice test, perfect for new drivers, renewals, and those seeking a refresher. Start now to ensure you’re road-test ready!


Arizona Learner’s Permit Test FAQs in 2024

Is it possible to take the permit test online in Arizona?

Yes, in Arizona, you can take the permit test online through the AZ MVD Now website or a third-party authorized provider.

How challenging is the Arizona permit test?

The difficulty of the Arizona permit test can vary, but with proper preparation, including studying the Arizona Driver License Manual and taking practice tests, it’s generally manageable.

What are the steps to obtain a permit in Arizona?

To obtain a permit in Arizona, you must be at least 15 years and 6 months old, complete a written knowledge test, provide proof of identity and residency, and have a signed parental consent form if under 18.

What is the cost of the online permit test in Arizona?

The fee for the online permit test in Arizona is approximately $7, but it’s recommended to check the latest fees on the official Arizona MVD website or through the authorized online testing provider.

How many questions can I get wrong on the Arizona permit test?

In Arizona, the permit test consists of 30 questions, and you can get up to 6 questions wrong, as you must correctly answer at least 24 questions to pass.


What to expect on the actual AZ MVD exam




correct answers to pass


passing score

15 ½

minimum age to apply

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List of questions (classic view)

  1. This sign warns you that you are approaching
  2. Which of these signs indicates a school zone?
  3. This symbol indicates
  4. What does this sign mean?
  5. This sign warns drivers of
  6. The broken white line in this figure indicates
  7. What does this sign indicate?
  8. This sign is
  9. What does this sign indicate?
  10. When you see this sign, you must
  11. Which of the following statements about parking is FALSE?
  12. A driver under the age of 18 who holds a Class G graduated driver license is convicted of a traffic violation for the first time. This person will face which of the following penalties?
  13. Your _________ keeps your head and chest from striking the dashboard or windshield in a collision.
  14. Children _________ should never ride in the front seat of a car.
  15. When sharing a lane with a bicycle, allow at least ______ of clearance between you and the bicycle.
  16. The correct hand signal to indicate a left turn is
  17. When a vehicle behind you flashes its lights with an intention to pass, you should
  18. Vehicles approaching a roundabout must
  19. You have parallel parked next to a curb, facing uphill. Which way should you point your front wheels?
  20. Which of the following statements about freeways is FALSE?
  21. On a freeway, the space between a through roadway and an entrance or exit ramp is called the
  22. You are preparing to turn left at an intersection when you see an oncoming vehicle. What should you do?
  23. You must stay back at least _______ behind a police vehicle that is responding to an emergency.
  24. On a highway with three lanes in each direction, a vehicle towing a trailer keeps right because
  25. If you have entered an intersection to turn left and the traffic light changes to yellow, what should you do?
  26. __________ mean(s) that passing is not allowed in either direction.
  27. In Arizona, what does a curb painted yellow usually indicate?
  28. The stopping distance of your vehicle depends on which of the following factors?
  29. Being constantly aware of the driving conditions, planning ahead, anticipating dangers, and taking the right actions to avoid obstacles or other vehicles is known as
  30. The Arizona Driver License Manual recommends maintaining a following distance of at least ________ on slippery roads.
  31. If you encounter a severe dust storm while you're driving, what should you do?
  32. While driving in fog, you should use
  33. If you start to become sleepy while driving, you should
  34. If your engine dies as you're driving on a curve, you should
  35. If you are stopped at a traffic light and another vehicle is approaching you from behind at high speed, you should
  36. If you are one of the first persons to come upon the scene of a collision, what should you do?
  37. Steam coming from underneath the hood of your vehicle may mean that
  38. As you approach and enter an acceleration lane, __________ to match that of vehicles in the through lanes.
  39. In heavy rain, your tires can ride on a film of water and lose contact with the road. This hazard is known as
  40. If you plan to turn beyond an intersection, you should